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Fantasy Draft Preparation: A Little Self-Assessment

After joining your new league and setting up your new team, you now face the most daunting part of being a fantasy manager Ė draft preparation. This is the time when you decide what kind of manager you want to be. All season long, youíre going to need to make decisions based on your player evaluations, which will be substantially based on the evaluations you make before the draft. If you want to really try to win your league, this is the time to put in the effort to make it happen. Months later, when your team falls just a little short, and youíre searching for any way to push over the top, youíll wish you had spent just a little more time on your pre-draft rankings. Conversely, if you spend so much time on pre-draft evaluations that you get fired, dumped, or expelled, that may also cause you some remorse. Itís OK to be a little lazy in your draft prep, as long as youíre smart about it, and as long as you realize that work you put in during in the season generally has much less impact than the work you put in prior to the draft.

The laziest way to prepare for a draft is to find a draft kit offered by some reputable source, buy it, and use its player valuations. It will provide you with some kind of player value ($20, $5, $1) or ranking (best point guard, 5th point guard, 14th point guard), and you can just take those and draft according to those values. In my opinion, this sort of prep falls below even the lowest standard for acceptable draft preparation. Itís fine to prepare this way if youíre planning to put in less than two hours worth of effort on your team all season. Maybe youíre trying fantasy sports out, or youíre joining your bossí league just to be one of the guys, and youíre planning on giving him all of your good players anyway. Maybe you want to play the part of the lovable loser in your league. If youíre planning to make any effort at all at succeeding however, this is not a good method of draft preparation. Buying a draft kit can make sense, but it makes a big difference to work from actual player projections rather than from rankings or simple player values.

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