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Setting Up or Joining a League: Choosing a Fantasy Sports Website

There are a large number of websites where a person can play fantasy sports. Itís possible to play fantasy sports without ever using the internet, but it is highly unadvisable. The reason fantasy sports have become so popular is that you no longer have to find some poor, devoted soul to keep track of all of the statistics or which players are on which team Ė the computer keeps track of it all.

You can play on a smaller site that pricks your fancy, but I would start with one of the larger ones. A big site will have pretty good help support, its servers are rarely down, and it will have a large pool of players to play against. The three major sites for fantasy sports leagues belong to Yahoo!, ESPN, and CBS-Sportsline. Personally, I prefer Yahoo! Leagues, for the reason that the pages are a little cleaner (and faster loading), and you can play there for free (unlike ESPN). CBS-Sportsline is also free, but the pages on the site are somewhat cluttered in my opinion. Itís not a bad choice, however. All sites offer paid games with upgraded products and services, but the basic game contains all of the essentials. Some of the paid services (e.g. a draft kit, updated news) are available for free elsewhere.

Once youíve decided where youíd like to play, it usually takes about six or eight clicks to set everything up. Youíll need to set up an account on the site, but it wonít cost anything to register, and if youíre careful you wonít even have to get free offers spamming your email for all eternity. Thatís another good reason to use a bigger site Ė you can bet that smaller ones will readily sell your email address. Decide if you want to start a league or join one Ė joining is easier if youíre starting out. These sites have help available if you have any trouble, but generally itís almost too easy to set it up.

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