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Dreaming versus Winning

It turns out that sometimes these different goals conflict with one another. When you own a player, and get emotionally tied up with their successes and failures, itís much more satisfying when it is a player you happen to like. Even though David Eckstein doesnít hit many home runs, when he does itís invigorating because heís just so darn plucky. Youíd love to have him over to hang out and play some foosball. And yes Ė Kobe Bryant does score a lot of points, but heís so selfish that you just donít enjoy being connected to him in any way. If you did own a team, you wouldnít want him on it, because you believe in your heart of hearts that he raped that girl in Colorado. If you enjoy the dream of owning a team, then owning a team of players you dislike spoils it somewhat.

Itís certainly possible (and probably advisable) to take personal preferences into account when deciding between players for your team. It is just a game after all, and thatís part of the fun. If you dislike certain players, or like others, for reasons entirely aside from their actual performance then there is nothing wrong in taking that into account when choosing between two otherwise equivalent players for your team. At a certain point however, you have to decide how important it is to you to try to win the game. The standpoint of this guide is that Ė as a game Ė fantasy sports has a defined objective that everyone is trying to achieve, and that achievement of this objective defines success in the game. You should try to get players you like, and avoid ones you donít, but if your team is consistently unsuccessful you arenít going to be the biggest fan of your players anyway.

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