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In-Season Management: Adding and Dropping

As the season progresses, all sorts of things happen. Players perform above or below expectations, players get injured, and players get and lose various jobs – first string players get demoted, and backups get more prominent roles. These sorts of changes (especially injuries and promotions/demotions) can radically shift player value. Because of this real-life activity, waiver wire players can quickly become valuable players on a fantasy team, and the first manager to recognize that fact (and who has the flexibility to quickly drop a player to make room) will reap the reward. Anticipating these sorts of value increases can be an extremely profitable activity – almost certainly more valuable than simply keeping several safe but unremarkable players at the bottom of your bench for the course of an entire season. The whole point of this sort of activity is to take chances – if a player doesn’t pan out, you can just drop him to pick up some other prospect.

The only difficulty in this sort of waiver-wire prospecting is that you need a good, comprehensive source of up-to-date fantasy-relevant news. is a good, free site for this, which culls news blurbs directly from a wide range of sources (if you can stand the excessive advertising). The changes to look for which might have an effect on a player's value are exactly the same list of factors which you took into account in making up your projections, which are listed below by sport:

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