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Pre-Ranking Players

Once you have your spreadsheet together, with a value for each player, you should pre-rank your players on the website where you have set up your team. It is standard for draft applets to allow you to plug in your own player rankings, so that you will have easy access to them during the draft. You don’t have to do this – you can just refer to the rankings you have built in your spreadsheet during the draft – but it is usually very convenient to input your rankings into the applet as well. The applet will automatically remove players from your ranking which have been selected by other teams, so that you can quickly and easily see exactly which players remain. This can be critical – if you are trying to keep track of this yourself you will probably make at least one mistake, and these kinds of mistakes can be extremely costly.

You should be able to rank your players very easily using your spreadsheet – just rank all players according to each player’s projected value over waiver wire. There should be a link on your fantasy team webpage which allows you to pre-rank your players. Also, do yourself a favor and pre-rank your players at least a few hours ahead of your draft. Many times pre-ranking players can take a while if the website process is a little clunky, some sites won’t allow you to pre-rank players within an hour of the draft, and if you’re not done in time you will be sorry.

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