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Fantasy Sports – What are they, and why play?

Fantasy sports are a general name for a kind of game which has become quite popular recently, along with the rise of the internet. A group of people sign up for a league – generally online – and each selects a “team” of players from some sport. The performance of these players in their real-life games determines the success of the team that they “play for” in the fantasy league. There are different varieties of game, but the most popular varieties require that a given player only belong to one team in the league.

There are many ways to enjoy playing fantasy sports. Much of the fun, of course, comes from the absorbing dream of owning and controlling a sports franchise. You have a team of real players you can watch and root for, and when you watch one of your players succeeding (or failing) on the field, there’s a real feeling of ownership and involvement. As a normal sports fan, usually a person has a feeling of involvement in their local team, or the team they grew up rooting for, but as a fantasy sports fan you feel a very personal sense of connection with the players on your team. The other major sources of enjoyment come from the fact that it’s a game, and has all of the normal social pleasures of doing activities with friends, the competitive joys of crushing your opponents, and the thoughtful enjoyment of working out problems that all games afford.

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