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Fantasy Sports Player Projections

We believe that making and using good projections are the basis for success in fantasy sports. That's the reason that we take the time to run our Player Projection Competitions to call out the best projection sets available on the web. If you're playing to win, you must base your player evaluations on projections of some kind. To put our money where our mouths are, we provide you with some free projections to use or modify as you like. To use these in Excel, just select the page, copy, and paste into a spreadsheet using a right click and paste text only.

A few words of caution - here at RotoSource, we have our talents, but we do not actually know the future. While we try to make the best projections that we can, we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of these predictions. We believe ourselves to be fairly knowledgable, but we do not even guarantee that these projections take all available information into account. Use these at your own risk - and don't complain to us if you lose money betting on these projections.

We probably lost money too.

Without further ado, our projections:

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