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2006/2007 Fantasy Basketball Player Projection Competition Results

We gave a grade, out of 100, to each site based on the score they received using our scoring system. The highest scoring site in the competition received a grade of one hundred, and the lowest received a zero. Here is the honor roll from our competition:

Website Score
#1. Hoops Klyce 100

The fight for first place was incredibly close in this competition. When it came right down to it, Hoops Klyce came out on top by the tiniest of margins over the second place finisher. Hoops Klyce provides projections as well as email updates customized for your league settings, for a fee. In most cases we don't recommend for-fee fantasy services, but this one is an exception. Clearly, this guy puts in the time on his projections, and provides a service that is worth spending something for. In addition to carrying our contest, Hoops Klyce won the Yahoo! Friends and Family league in 2006/2007. From what we've seen, Hoops Klyce and the second place finisher are really the class of the internet when it comes to fantasy basketball.

Hoops Klyce had a number of better-than-the-pack predictions, including a spot-on Kevin Garnett prediction (behind Marion, Dirk and Kobe), a nice projection of Zydrunas Ilgauskas' decline, and a nearly perfect projection for Manu Ginobili's fantastic season.

Website Overall
#2. Wegobomber 100

It's really a shame we had to have a first and second place in this competition. Literally, when scoring the worst projection at 0 and the best at 100, Wegobomber's projection came in at 99.993. Wegobomber has one of the best fantasy basketball blogs on the web, and provides his projections for free in his blog before the start of every season. It's a different kind of site than Hoops Klyce, which is more of a service-oriented site, but it's obvious that this guy knows his stuff just as well.

Wegobomber missed a couple of big projections, but did a good job on projecting pretty much every player down the list. He really did a nice job on some of the big men that everybody had trouble with this year - Amare Stoudamire, Chris Bosh, and Rasheed Wallace were all best-of-the-group projections.

Website Overall
#3. RotoFreak 96

A solid fantasy basketball website. RotoFreak's projections came in with a a solid third-place showing, and showed that they are a great fantasy basketball resource. You can find a bit of everything on their website - rankings, articles, a good forum (provided by RealGM), and of course free projections. Of course, free projections are only worthwhile if they're good, and these were. A solid effort behind the big two in our competition.

RotoFreak seemed to do the best job of anybody at identifying sleepers. It had the best Caron Butler, Kevin Martin, Deron Williams, and Mo Williams projections of anybody in the contest.

2006/2007 Fantasy Basketball Player Projection Competition Scoring

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