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Specific Factors Influencing Player Performance - Fantasy Hockey

Team Factors

  • Skaters:
    • Who plays with this player on his line or defensive pairing? Will this player's linemates generate scoring opportunities, or score themselves (and generate assists)?
    • Does this player's team play an aggressive or defensive style? Will this team's system of play encourage high scoring games?
    • How much ice time will this player receive? Is his line a top line, or a checking line? Will this player get time on the power play? Will this player get the opportunity to quarterback the power play?
    • Is this player's team strong defensively? Is the goalie good? How would this team's plus/minus look in general?
    • Is this team highly penalized? Does this team fight a lot with other teams, generating lots of penalty minutes? Does the team have a gritty, penalty-minute-generating style?
    • Does this team tend to draw penalties, increasing power play point opportunities?
    • Does this team tend to win, generating game winning goal opportunities?
  • Goaltenders:
    • Does this player's team have a good defense, that limits quality scoring chances? Do the forwards play with a commitment to defense?
    • Does this player's team generate a lot of penalty minutes, increasing shorthanded situations?
    • Does this team score often, generating wins?

Player Situation

  • Is this player sharing time at his position with another player?
  • Is there a strong backup behind the player at this position, or is this player the backup himself? How likely is it that this player will spend significant time on the bench or in a less potent role?
  • How secure is this player's job on his team? Is this a young player who will be sent to a minor league team fairly readily? Is this a player who the team will bench quickly because the player needs time to develop?

Player Health

  • Is this player currently injured? Is this an injury the player can play through, or will this player be out for a portion of the season? How well would you expect this player to play when he returns, or while suffering through the injury? Is this an injury which can easily recur?
  • Is this an injury-prone player? Does this player play in such a way that leaves the player especially exposed to injury? Has this player suffered injuries in the past which may easily recur? Does this player have long-term health risks which leave this player especially vulnerable to an injury which could impair his ability to play well, or to cause him to miss games or lose playing time?
  • How old is this player? Is this player reaching an age where players at his position tend to suffer injuries more frequently? Will this player's age impair his ability to heal after an injury?

Player Motivation

  • Is this player in the final year of his contract? Would this player be significantly rewarded financially for good play? Does it appear that this kind of motivation matters for this player?
  • How much does this player care about winning? Is he on a good team? Is this player likely to give up on the season if his team does poorly?
  • Has this player changed teams recently? Will a fresh start, and an opportunity to impress a new team/community benefit this player? Was it apparent that the situation with his previous team had been sufficiently sour to depress his earlier performance? Will the additional scrutiny in his new team/market improve or hurt his future performance?

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