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Welcome to RotoSource, where you can find free guidance and information to help you succeed in your fantasy sports league. We've got a freely available guide, free fantasy sports website reviews and ratings, discussion forums and free player projections for fantasy football, baseball, and basketball.

Our philosophy is simple: we give you everything you need to win, and nothing more.

You won't find juicy, vague tidbits about a couple of sleepers. You won't find an email mailbag of questions about trades that don't matter to you. You'll just find:
  • Our Guide to Fantasy Sports

    This is the heart of the website. This guide gives you tips and shows you how to use projections (ours, somebody else's or your own homemade brew) and internet resources to maximize your chances of winning your league. If you're new to fantasy sports and want to learn more, perfect - start right here. If you're more experienced, this is a good place to get some new ideas. Heck, if you're really experienced, read away and give us your thoughts. This guide is about how to play to win, with as little effort as possible.

  • Player Projection Comparisons

    The single most important tool for success in fantasy sports is good player evaluation. The single most important tool for good player evaluation is a good set of player projections. If you can construct good player projections yourself, then more power to you, but most of us don't have the time or the experience to create a full set of high-quality player projections - and why should you if you can download one online for free or a small fee?

    With that in mind, we've gone about rating the websites that provide projections, by collecting all the projections we can get our hands on before the start of the season, keeping them until the end of the season, and then comparing each one to what actually happened. We'll keep on building a database of how websites have performed, so that you can see whose projections have been best, year after year. What better way to choose who to get help from than to look at past performance?

  • Website Reviews and Ratings

    There's a big world out there of fantasy sports sites, some good and some bad. All offer different goods and services. Just go here to get an unbiased look at what is out there. There are a lot of sites out there which are just a waste of time and money - we know, because we've already wasted a lot of both. We focus on services that you can get for free, as we are of the opinion that you can get almost everything you need to win without paying a dime.

  • Player Projections

    While you won't find sleeper lists here, you will find our free player projections. Feel free to copy them to a spreadsheet in order to create player values for your fantasy draft. Our view is that concrete projections are far more useful to have than player rankings or canned player values, so that's what we give you.

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